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Licensed alcohol and drug counselor Gary Blanchard offers a common-sense approach to treating addiction based on 12-step philosophy, evidence-based tools and techniques, and his own Positive Path Recovery. This book offers ideas, suggestions, and a number of worksheets that will help those who want to overcome addiction. 
Major portions of this book were previously published with the title "Building and Maintaining Recovery."

Positive Path Recovery (PPR) combines a number of evidence-based addiction treatment methods to provide clients with a positive and hopeful view of the recovery process. Treatment professionals learn how to motivate people for change, to encourage personal awareness, growth, and acceptance, and to facilitate building and maintaining successful recovery from addiction. This approach is compatible with conventional, Twelve-Step based treatment and is ideal for spiritually resistant clients, people with co-occurring disorders, and those with a history of chronic relapse episodes. 
Major portions of this book were found in Gary's now out-of-print book, Success-Centered Addiction Recovery Facilitation.

The use of medication as a part of the addiction recovery process is becoming more common, yet many treatment professionals know little about the challenges of counseling those who are using medication. Gary Blanchard offers a look at some of the issues involved and offers tips for effective treatment in medication assisted recovery. In this second edition, Blanchard adds a history of medication for addiction treatment, a brief overview of current medication, a look at marijuana and MAR, and an introduction to his Positive Path Recovery treatment approach.